cogswell (cogswell) wrote,

Friends Only.
Comment to Be Added.

♥ I am bisexual.
♥ I will talk about my friends.
♥ I shall make many threats.
♥ I am obsessed with Harry Potter, in the middle of July and November, expect crazy fangirling.
♥ I can go days without updating due to school, soccer, grounding, ect.
♥ Music is a huge part of my life.
♥ I despise rap, hip hop, and R&B in any way, shape, or form.
♥ I am slightly pyschotic. Watch your back.
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This is Jaclyn...add me?
Yep. You got it.

Re: Andrea


11 years ago

hey, ur friend katelyn! who always supports you!! and thinkd you rock! okay, the sucking up prolly wastn need but will ya add me?
me 2... but im not sucking up.
You got it.
thank god I don't have to use greatestjournal any more!
HAHA. I know. Want to be added my Kristinaaa?
hey ande you want to add me! its lita lue!
Add me back.
Hey Ande... you have got to add me!!!
<33 Chelsie
I only will if you change that icon....and add me back.

hey its ashlee. :)
Add me.
I'm obsessed with Harry Potter too.. even tho i dont show it most the time because i dont like people saying shit abou tit lol.
You got it.
I know you're obsessed...Didn't we have like a three day conversation in art class about it?
ADD ME N0W!* :)

Haha. you got it.
Yeahh G, Its Mariah. Add me?
You got it. Add me back, if you haven't?


11 years ago


11 years ago

hey this is lauren. i just saw on my other journal you said something so yeah, this is my new one but i'll add you and stuff.

Added...Just you can't tell Alycia that I'm bi...I'm not ready for her to know yet...Deal?


11 years ago

like you said "I am slightly pyschotic. Watch your back. " haha
I shall add you. Then we can plot together!


May 29 2005, 03:26:22 UTC 11 years ago

dude you are so gay - and i dont mean that literally
even though it would definitely apply to your nasty greasy ass
maybe you should wash your hair dude
its soo greasy
when i look at it which isnt often (thank god)
i want to puke all over you...

quit trying to be things you arent..
fag - means guy liking another guy - actually wait you are half that cuz you are a nasty guy..

vegetarian - you havee never been
bi - you just wanna get down nasty emily's pants.
Hey cuz. Add me, please?
Yeah...only if you promise you won't tell anyone in the family about my orientation. It has to stay secret from any of our parents. Promise?


11 years ago

This is Amanda....I don't know if you know me. But i go to your school.
Add me??
dude, i miss talking to you.
add me?
You got it!
yo wut up 'b add me?! :)


11 years ago


11 years ago

andrea add me
and i will add you in return!
love you!
You got it SARS!
hey its courtany....add me?
you got it.
i saw your post in mad_rad_hair and i took the time to write out a response and then i get a message saying only members can reply. i didn't want to waste the comment so i thought i'd cut and paste it for you. good luck with whatever you chose! . . . i'd say no to going darker. it sometimes turns out a lot darker than you'd expect, especially with fair skin. also it would be so hard to get back to your natural color and your light eyebrows would be out of place. it wouldn't look natural on you. this cut and color would look good on you, and would be pretty easy to style. but wouldn't be a huge change from what you have now.,%20Cameron&seq=22 and if the light hair & light skin combo does make you feel washed out, i found that a pale pink blush makes a huge difference.
hey this is P.T.
Will ya add me?
hey ande! i would like to be added.. seeing as you are my fav. person in the whole wide world!! hehe! add me? <keara3 pps i dont write in ym lj, kuz im too cool to!
you got it...add me back?

Re: this is keara


11 years ago